Illustrator, Printmaker, and Digital Artist – Dan first began seriously painting and drawing after high school. He studied art with an emphasis on lithography at Humboldt State University and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1977. After working briefly as a draftsman for a civil engineering firm, Dan began my career as a graphic designer working in the corporate marketing department of a large manufacturer. Before He left, Dan had two artists working for him and a $250,000 budget to manage. Dan's love for lithography and the printed page continued through into the late 80’s and 90’s while He worked freelance creating paintings, illustrations and designs for various clients.

When the digital revolution reinvented the fields of graphic design and printing, Dan studied at the Art Center in Pasadena to learn the latest digital media techniques. In 1998 He earned a Certificate of Digital Multimedia Technician.

Dan is exceptionally skilled in pastel, colored pencil, oil and canvas mediums and you’ll find my illustration style impressionistic, whimsical and vibrant. When he is not painting Dan manages his own graphic design firm. That's my Dan's boy Willie in the picture.

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